Bengals Try To Force Fans To Watch Chiefs Game

The Cincinnati Bengals are hanging a carrot in front of their fans that want to experience the postseason in person.  The carrot is the 3-11 Chiefs.

The Bengals will allow fans who buy tickets to the Kansas City game this Sunday to lock-in their seats for two potential playoff games.

The Bengals need just one more win to clinch the AFC North and a playoff berth.

They could do that Sunday when they host a struggling Kansas City Chiefs team.

Under normal circumstances I would understand why it would be hard to sell tickets to see a last place team, but this week is anything but normal.  Not only is it the first home game following the untimely death of Chris Henry but the Bengals are on the cusp of winning the division.

If these roles were reversed and the Chiefs were about to win the AFC West, I can promise you Arrowhead would have been sold out long ago.

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