Bernard Pollard Will Knock Your Head Off

When the Kansas City Chiefs walk into Reliant Stadium in Houston, they will be welcomed by former teammate Bernard Pollard.  The safety was the most high profile cut that head coach Todd Haley made his first training camp as coach.  Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson told the Houston media that he doesn’t know why the sides parted ways but that he isn’t surprised by his success.

“Things happen in the league where you don’t understand,” Johnson said.  “I don’t know what went on up in the front office, so I can’t really speak on that.  I do know that Bernard is a good player… I like him a lot.  He’s a tough guy; he wants to knock your head off.  That’s his mentality.”

Haley, for one, made it clear there are no hard feelings.

“I’m just happy for Bernard because I think a lot of Bernard.  I like passionate guys that are into football and passionate about playing this great game.  He’s definitely one of them.”

Hopefully for the Chiefs, Pollard will leave all heads (and knee ligaments) attached during this week’s game.

Haley can speak positively about his former player now, but there was most definitely bad blood when Pollard was unexpectedly released.  There were even rumors floating around — which I don’t buy — that the new regime was bad mouthing him around the league and that’s the reason there wasn’t a job waiting for him to start the season.

We can wait until Sunday and see just how fire up Pollard is… again, without the rolling of heads.

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