Berry And Arenas Back On The Field

Now that the Chiefs rookie mini-camp is over, it’s important to note that none of the 33 players participating suffered any injuries.  Two players that sat out part of yesterday’s session — Eric Berry and Javier Arenas — were back on the field today for the final day of the mini-camp.  Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said that his two draft choices were held back due to injuries the team was already aware of.

“(Berry and Arenas) had existing situations that we knew about that we just wanted to be smart with,” Haley explained.  “Now, they were back today and were actively involved.  It was more precautionary than anything else.

“These guys haven’t been in our off-season program so we don’t know exactly what all these guys have been doing, although we try to figure it out as best as we can,” Haley continued.  “There are a lot of things going on, especially having this camp the weekend directly after the draft.  Things moved along fast and without knowing exactly where they are, to take a chance, might not end up being what we want to do.”

We all know that Todd Haley never wants to see his players on the sidelines starting in training camp and going straight through the end of the season, but it’s good to see the team be cautious here in May.

As Haley has been happy to point out, these younger players are already way behind the veteran players.  There’s no reason to push them over these three days and create a situation where they are not able to fully participate in OTAs that are coming up later this month.

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