Berry Gets Impressive “Most Likely To” Prediction

There hasn’t been a lack of praise for Chiefs rookie Eric Berry and this morning there is more from CBS Sports’ Chris Steuber.  In his “Most Likely To” column for the 2010 draft class, Steuber thinks Berry is most likely to lead the league in interceptions.

The safety position has changed in the NFL and is viewed as a position of playmakers.  The instincts, awareness and ball skills Berry possesses are that of a cornerback, and those talents will be a welcomed addition to a Kansas City Chiefs secondary that made only 15 interceptions last year.  A three-year starter at Tennessee, Berry had only two interceptions this past season, but in his first two years as a starter, he totaled 12.

Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers said of Berry’s playmaking skills: “He had success at the college level.  We’re just excited to see what he can do for us in the secondary.  When you add a playmaker to the team, I think the whole team steps up, and they want to rise to the occasion.”

He’ll make his mark at safety, but look for Romeo Crennel to move Berry around throughout the season if the Chiefs can establish some depth in the defensive backfield.  Berry does bring the ability to play corner and can be used as one with a more physical receiver if Jarrad Page ever signs and Kendrick Lewis continues to impress.

It’s easy to scoff at a rookie leading the league in interceptions, but last year it only took 9 to take the top spot.  Is it crazy to think Berry could reel in 10 this season?  I don’t think it is.

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