Best And Worst Chiefs NFL Draft Picks

As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to make their selection in April’s NFL Draft with the 21st pick, Bob Gretz wanted to have a vote for the best and worst decisions the franchise has made since the first AFL-NFL combined draft in 1967. There should be no surprise about the best, though the worst is a little more (appropriately enough) of a mixed bag.


55 – OLB Derrick Thomas.
11 – G Will Shields.
6 – MLB Willie Lanier.
4 – TE Tony Gonzalez.
3 – DE Jared Allen.


36 – QB Todd Blackledge.
10 – OT Trezelle Jenkins.
9 – DT Ryan Sims.
8 – DT Junior Siavii.
6 – DE Tyson Jackson

It’s important to remember that it is only picks since 1967, meaning Bobby Bell wasn’t eligible.  We featured just the top five, you can see the full breakdown here.

Thomas is the easy choice as the best choice, though I’m a little surprised that Tony Gonzalez didn’t get more love.  As great as Jared Allen has been, he wouldn’t get my vote any time before Will Shields, Gonzalez or obviously Thomas.

Much closer voting on the other side, even with Blackledge getting 26 more votes than the second place finisher.  As bad as Junio Siavii was in Kansas City, can you really put a second round pick in the top three all-time worst picks?  I also take exception voting for Tyson Jackson.  The guy has played all of two seasons and has shown glimpses of how good he can be.  Will he ever validate being the third overall pick?  Probably not, but it’s way to premature to vote for him.

As time drips by while we wait for the draft to get here in a few weeks, this is a great discussion to have.

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