Big Chill Awaits Titans In Kansas City

In their first must-win game since last week, the Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.  The Titans are 3-3 on the road this season, but have lost three straight and as Martin Manley astutely points out, they haven’t played on the road in a month and the visitors will be faced with an unfamiliar chill when they take the field in Kansas City.

The Titans play in relatively moderate conditions in Tennessee.  On Sunday, the temperature is supposed to be a high of 27 and a low of 17.  Cold.

It would be different if Tennessee had played anyone in cold weather yet, but they haven’t.  Their last game on the road a month ago was against Houston.  Before that, Miami. Before that, San Diego.  Before that, Jacksonville.  Before that, Dallas.  Notice anything?

It hasn’t been since their first road game of the year against the Giants when they have been in a cold-weather environment – and that was September 26th – and the game-time temperature was 70 degrees with a three mile per hour wind!

Sunday’s game might not be in a blizzard, but if you don’t think the weather is going to be a major factory, you’re crazy.  Think about it, the Titans have yet to take one hit in anything but somewhat comfortable temperatures all season long.

The Chiefs have played in a dome and San Diego the past two weeks, but before that were home for the Broncos and they live in this sort of weather every day.

The Titans, on the other hand, will wake up to 58 degree weather in Memphis today and practice in 45 degree temps Wednesday.

Overall, a lot of fantastic points from Manley and if you aren’t reading his stuff on a consistent basis, you are certainly missing out.

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