Bill Grigsby Suffers A Setback

If you are a Chiefs fan then you know just how important Bill Grigsby has been to the franchise.  The Star’s Randy Covitz delivers the sobering news that the radio veteran has suffered a setback.

Grigsby, 88, told me he is battling a form of prostate cancer.  Grigs has undergone treatment for the disease and, like everything in his life, he is optimistic about beating the illness.

Grigsby was part of the Chiefs’ radio team from the time the franchise moved to Kansas City from Dallas in 1963 before bowing out after the 2009 season.

His role had been reduced in recent years.  Grigsby’s fulltime presence in the booth was eliminated in 1999 and replaced with live, 30-second cut-ins to open the second and fourth quarters.

After only missing roughly 8 games since the Chiefs moved to Kansas City, Grigsby stepped away from the games completely this past December.  To me, Grigsby’s voice has been just as much of the radio broadcasts as Mitch and Lenny.

Get well soon!

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