Bills GM Defends Search, Knocks Raiders

While introducing new head coach Chan Gailey, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix had to defend his search, one that included more than a few snubs along the way.  He also made sure to get a jab in there about the Raiders.

“I want you to know, with all due respect, I don’t care,” Nix said.  “It don’t bother me.  I mean, everybody’s got an opinion.  You guys got a job to do, and I’m trying not to make it difficult.

“But my job is to get us the best guy to help us win games.  And we found that guy.  This guy met more of the criteria that I ever hoped we’d find.  This guy’s won everywhere he’s been.”

Neither Bills owner Ralph Wilson nor chief executive officer Russ Brandon attended the news conference.  That left Nix to address all the snubs.  Nix claimed 80 percent of the reports were inaccurate but refused to go on the record about who specifically did or did not decline interview requests or reported offers.

“I’m trying not to exaggerate, but we got 15 calls a day, begging for an interview and wanting this job,” Nix said.  “I could’ve hired 35 or 40 the first week.  And you would be shocked at some of the names.

“Trust me, it’s a good job.  Don’t ever think you can’t fill coaching jobs even if they’re bad.  Oakland gets a lot of calls.”

Nix saying Buffalo is a good job and following it up with that last line about being able to fill a bad job is like Benny Sapp yesterday saying Herm Edwards never did anything bad to him except saying he can’t play.

No one expected Nix to come out and pooh-pooh Gailey or anything about the Bills, but to claim there were big names begging to take the job?  C’mon, you are insulting your fans.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want an offensive mind you aren’t going to find a much better one than Gailey, but don’t try and sell him as a sexy pick.  Like the new head coach said, if he goes out and starts winning football games there won’t be any talk about being second (or third) choice or sexiness.

Gotta love the jab at the Raiders though.  Well done!

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