Dawson Sounds Off On “Terrible” Bounty Scandal

The New Orleans bounty scandal took center stage this offseason after it was revealed Saints players were paid thousands of dollars by defensive coordinator Greg Williams for head hunting. Knock out the signal caller — by any means necessary — and take home a healthy bonus.

Putting a bulls eye on the quarterback isn’t shocking news to Kansas City Chiefs great Len Dawson. He told the Journal & Courier it was the coaches involvement that takes the practice over the line.

“When I was playing quarterback there was a big sign on me, ‘If you get a chance to take a shot at this guy, take a shot.’ It didn’t come from the coaches,” the Hall of Famer said.

Not only was trying to knock out the signal caller always part of the game, Dawson says things were even worse at times when he was playing.

“When I threw an interception, I was fair game no matter where the return guy was coming from. Today, if a quarterback throws an interception and he doesn’t try to get involved in the tackle, you leave him alone.”

He might not be a fan of Greg Williams’ bounty program, but that doesn’t mean Dawson is down on all things Saints. After being asked who he’d trade places with in the NFL, he went with a fellow Purdue Boilermaker.

“They would have to be young, rich and good looking and have one hell of an offensive line. Probably Drew Brees.”

With the upgrades along the Chiefs offensive line, couldn’t Matt Cassel get into that hypothetical conversation?

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