Brad Cottam: 5th Best Of The Decade

Brad Cottam’s short career in Kansas City has been very similar to his four years at Tennessee: inconsistent and plagued by injuries.  But according to Inside Tennessee, he was the fifth best tight end that the Volunteers have had over the last decade.

Hampered by a rash of injuries in college, the 6-7, 265-pounder started just 10 games – six as a junior and four as a senior.  On those rare occasions when he was healthy, however, he proved to be one of the most dangerous tight ends in college football.  He caught only two passes as a sophomore and five as a senior but sandwiched those injury-plagued seasons around a junior year which saw him catch 14 balls for 182 yards.  Although he finished his college career with just 21 receptions, his 16.2 yards-per-catch averaged convinced the Kansas City Chiefs to select him in Round 3 of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Cottam was a non-factor for virtually his entire rookie year in 2008 and most of last season.  Then when he finally seemed to “get it” at the end of last season, he suffered a neck injury that he is still yet to recover from.

The one thing we always knew about Cottam is that if he’s healthy he will provide all you could ask for when it comes to blocking.  The question was always how much he could deliver in the passing game.  At 6-7/270, Cottam has the potential to be a huge weapon but he needs to stay on the field.

If he isn’t able to recover by the time training camp rolls around, he could get buried on the depth chart by veteran Leonard Pope and third round pick Tony Moeaki.

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