Brad Cottam: I’ll Be On The Field

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Brad Cottam has been unable to take part in any offfseason practices while recovering from a broken neck late last season.  He has, however, been able to do the strength and conditioning work with his teammates and as Bob Gretz reports, Cottam has been told he will be able to play again as if nothing happened.

“If I thought there was any increased chance of something bad happening because of the injury, I would not have come back.  They tell me I’ll be able to play without any more concerns than normal.  As long as that’s the case, I’ll be on the field.”

GM Scott Pioli was asked several weeks ago if Cottam will be ready for the start of training camp after rehabbing a broken neck: “That’s something that people far smarter than myself will decide.”

Any injury above the shoulders has to be frightening for any player and the team doctors will make sure Cottam is in the clear and then probably hold him for another week just to be safe.

Due to all of the uncertainty about when he might be cleared for contact, I think Cottam will kick off the season on the Physically Unable to Perform list.  Until we see him in pads, on the field and take a hit that’s where we will have to assume he will end up.

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