Brad Cottam Recovering From Surgery

After being placed on injured reserved at the end of the season because of a crack cervical vertebra, Chiefs tight end Brad Cottam had surgery.  The day after the procedure, head coach Todd Haley said everything went well.

“Everything was very successful and went very well,” Haley said.  “He’s already on the road to recovery, which is a big thing.”

Today, Cottam took to his Facebook page to give a quick update.

“saw the doc today and should be out of the neck brace in 2 months.”

Before the injury, Haley was happy to see Cottam finally start to show progress.

“We were all pretty excited about Brad.  He was a guy no different that players like Jamaal (Charles) who have fought through some adversity.  Things that haven’t gone exactly the way that they would have planned or that we would have planned.  He was a guy that I was getting excited about and am still excited about.”

It’s good to see Cottam will be out of his brace and on the road to a full recovery before OTAs.  He really was coming along at the end of the season, even hurting himself making an athletic catch.

Here’s to hoping he can fight his way back to 100% by the time training camp rolls around.

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