Brady Quinn Replaces Injured Matt Cassel

The Kansas City Chiefs made a change at quarterback Sunday, but it wasn’t based on performance. Romeo Crennel had a chance to yank starter Matt Cassel after he turned in one terrible play after another, but it wasn’t until he suffered a head injury that he replaced him with backup Brady Quinn.

Cassel was injured when he was crushed between two Ravens defenders after he completed a 16-yard pass to Jamaal Charles.

Quinn stepped in and after handing off twice, he hit Dwayne Bowe for 20 yards on a 3rd and 20 right in front of former Chief Bernard Pollard. Later in his first drive since 2009, Quinn found Bowe again, this time for a 15 yard touchdown that was called back for offensive pass interference on Dexter McCluster.

No matter how serious Cassel’s injury is, it gives Crennel the perfect opportunity to make a change that that was expected to happen sooner rather than later anyway. Doing it this way allows Cassel to fade into the background without carrying the “benched” label.

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