Albert’s Back Is Fine And He’s Got Cassel’s

A story started to circulate that an issue with Chiefs free agent tackle Branden Albert’s back might prevent him from getting a new contract in Kansas City. Those rumors were squasheBrandenAlbertMattCasseld Tuesday with a USA Today report that he passed a full physical last week.

According to the report, the tackle was one of more than a dozen players dealing with injuries examined by the new training staff. Albert had missed time last season with a recurring back problem.

Albert was happy to see “some truth” released, though he was quick to note the whole situation was “disrespectful“.

While going on a mini-Twitter marathon, Albert was mostly retweeting fans that wanted the Chiefs to get him signed to a new deal. However, he also took time to follow Tamba Hali’s lead and defend quarterback Matt Cassel.

Someone suggested Albert use the money from his new contract to buy out Cassel’s contract, opening the door for West Virginia QB Geno Smith to be selected first overall. He didn’t come back with a TO-ish “that’s my quarterback!” but he did tell the fan, “don’t get on my cassel“.

No one expects a Chiefs player to rip Cassel, but it’s curious to see both Hali and Albert go out of their way to defend the embattled backup QB.

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  1. What’s up with our chiefs players getting their panties in a wad. First Winston then Tamba and now Albert. Wasn’t it Cassel that said, “Come at me bro”

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