The Branden Albert Discussion Continues

It wouldn’t be the Kansas City Chiefs offseason without someone wondering about moving LT Branden Albert to the right side in favor of a rookie.  The latest is ESPN’s Bill Williamson when asked if the Chiefs might select Mississippi State’s Derek Sherrod.

I think it’s a possibility.  There are several terrific pass-rushers available, so I think the Chiefs could go that way.  Chiefs coach Todd Haley recently hinted he could look for a left tackle.  That would mean Branden Albert would likely move to right tackle.  So, it’s an option.  But if I had to guess, Albert will get one more year to show he can be the starter at left tackle and the Chiefs will grab a pass-rusher in the first round.

There is no one leading the charge for the Chiefs to draft an offensive tackle in the first round than I am.  There are an abundance of quality tackles and at least one will be available for Scott Pioli at No. 21.  But for anyone that is following me here, that doesn’t mean that a first round pick should automatically be slotted on the left side.

Even with Albert’s experience, shifting him would force him to learn a completely new position.  It’s not as easy as just flipping a switch and all of a sudden he is a good right tackle.  That means entering camp — yes, whenever that may be — the Chiefs offense would be dealing with inexperience at both tackle positions.

If you believe Sherrod — or any of the available tackles — would be a better fit long-term on the left side, then that’s a different argument.  The team can only make this move if they are convinced that the first round pick will protect the blind side for the next decade.  Shuffling the line for the sake of shuffling could hurt the team this year and put them in a position to try and go through this all over again in a year or two.

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