Brandon Carr Goes Back To School

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Carr went back to his hometown last week to read to the students at a local middle school and to pass on advice about achieving your goals.

Carr, the 6-foot, a second-year NFL starter returned to school on Friday at the invite of Principal Kevin Summey to help kick off “March is Reading” Month.  Summey, who once coached Carr’s older brother, Tony, recalled Brandon Carr as the team’s one-time scrawny ball boy.  Now he wanted his students to see “with hard work, anything’s possible” and “even athletes think it’s cool to read.”

Carr, 23, met with 12 selected students and provided a read-aloud of the short story, “When Your Back is Against the Wall,” by former Los Angeles Lakers coach Pat Riley.  Then he launched into a half-hour Q-and-A with the kids.

Math teacher Jerry Parker, who was Carr’s high school football coach, attended the reading.  “He was a little, bitty guy with big glasses,” Parker said.  “Just a great kid, (He was) the hardest working kid you ever met.”

After the reading, he summarized one of its lessons by saying that “competition, either in the classroom or on the field.” can make one stronger.  Good things can happen “if you stick with it.”

Carr also advised them, “All of us have at least one voice deep inside us.  We need to block out the message of fear and failure to hear the positive.”

“I was definitely not the biggest person on the field.  I never let that stop me, though,” Carr said.  “I had great support around me, my mom and dad … and having a great group of friends, and all the support in the classroom.’’

“If you do have someone who makes you the best, lean on them for support.  Follow the lead of people who are doing good.”

Carr isn’t just a great example for these young kids, but also for the lesser known prospects at the NFL Scouting Combine.  He was barely a prospect coming out of D-II Grand Valley State when the Chiefs selected him in the 5th round of the 2008 draft.  All he’s done is start every game his first two years in the NFL.

This is a guy that literally was told he wasn’t good enough by everyone seemingly except GVS and the Kansas City Chiefs.  Even now you have people talking about the Chiefs needing to draft a cornerback to start opposite Brandon Flowers.

No matter what Scott Pioli does in the draft, the one thing that is clear at this point is Carr will be there from day 1 ready to hold onto his spot in the starting lineup.

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