Brandon Carr Helps A Lost Dog Get Home

With so much negativity swirling around the Kansas City Chiefs lately, how about a good old fashioned happy story?

On Tuesday morning, Chiefs CB Brandon Carr tweeted about a lost dog that he found, wondering if it belonged to one of his 10,000 followers.

After checking in with one of his followers who had lost a dog, Carr was able to track down the owner with the help of a microchip (a solid reminder to dog owners to make sure their dogs are microchipped!).

Good for Carr to take in a lost dog and make sure he/she was reunited with its owner.

A fluff story?  Absolutely.  After some of the venom being thrown around the last couple of weeks, I’ll take it.


After using the microchip to find out who the owner of the dog was, Carr was able to meet the owner when she was reunited with Maxwell.

Both puppy and owner look happy!

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