Brandon Carr Puts Time Before Camp To Good Use

Chiefs cornerback Brandon Carr is putting his time off before training camp to good use.  Sunday he held his second annual golf outing to raise money for his former high school’s football team and has spent a week in Michigan as a whole with his family.  Carr knows he needs this time to unwind.

“That’s what I learned, these last two years in the NFL,” Carr said.  “When you get the opportunity to relax and just kick back and enjoy things, you take advantage of it.  That’s what I’m going to do.”

He’s even allowing himself one trip to Big John’s.  Carr is on a diet to ensure he doesn’t get “safety sized.”  Before his round, he turned down a snack because it was filled with sugar.

Carr said his OTAs went well, as he adjusted to new defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and new defensive backs coach Emmitt Thomas.  In an offseason marked by the NFL cracking down on teams for conducting too strenuous of OTAs, Carr went hard (with in the league’s guidelines) at the Chiefs’ OTAs.

“You’ve got a whole month to recuperate, get your mind right, get your body right for the upcoming season,” said Carr, who will report to Kansas City on July 29.  “Because once you start, it’s going to be a grind all the way, hopefully, until February.”

Hopefully the rest of the team is balancing their time off as well as Car.  You don’t want to kill yourself and workout non-stop or you’ll hit a wall in the middle of training camp.  On the flip side, it’s hard to sit around and do nothing for a month and turn it on when practices start.

It will go a long way towards having a solid camp if your body is where it needs to be when the team reports next month.

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