Brandon Carr Starts On All-Underrated Team

Around Kansas City, it’s no secret how good CB Brandon Carr has been the last three seasons (he won an award here in February).  However, in the national media it has been a slow process for the “other” Brandon in the secondary to get recognition.  The latest is from Yahoo! and their all-underrated team.

Cornerbacks — Ron Bartell, St. Louis Rams/Brandon Carr, Kansas City Chiefs

According to STATS, Inc’s data, only five cornerbacks with 50 or more targets had a lower Burn Percentage (completions allowed) than Bartell’s 45% (45 out of an even 100).  Those five cornerbacks happened to be Darrelle Revis, Stanford Routt, Antonio Cromartie, Tramon Williams, and …. Brandon Carr.

One of the reasons that the Chiefs were the AFC’s surprise team last year was that their secondary really stepped up.  Carr was the forgotten man as everyone started talking about Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry, but per those numbers (and only sometimes covering the other team’s #1 receiver, it must be said), Carr was the most effective man in that defensive backfield.

Actually, Carr ended up taking on the other team’s top receiver more than he should have as the Chiefs kept their corners on their own side in most sets.  That means a team could run their biggest threat towards Carr to get away from Flowers and he was still up for the challenge.

It’s also important to note that Carr went through an ugly stretch during training camp and the beginning of last season.  Instead of sulking and letting the season spiral out of control for him, Carr stepped up to the challenge of being targeted every week by teams trying to avoid Flowers.

Once the new CBA finally gets done, if the Chiefs need to spend money in order to reach a possible salary cap floor, hopefully a new contract for Carr helps them get there.


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