Brandon Carr Works Out Past His Bedtime

Over the past few weeks we have heard about how a lot of the Chiefs players are spending their time and working out has played a huge role.  Brandon Carr took to Twitter to update his followers on his latest workout, but Patrick at Arrowhead Addict made a great pickup as to just WHEN the tweet was sent out: 12:30am central.


Too busy to work out during the day but it had to get done. 2 more days!!!!!!!!!

That means if Carr is in KC, he was out running somewhere between midnight and one in the morning.  Heck, even if he is in California he was out after 10:00 PM.

It would have been easy for Carr to just call it a night and workout the next day.

Awesome to see a young player taking the initiative to make sure and get a workout in even though life got in the way during the day.  Just a great job by Carr as he prepares for year 2 under Todd Haley.

If I can nitpick though, I hope that he took the picture attached to the tweet on his way from a 24 hour gym to his car because the last thing we need is Chiefs players running through any streets after midnight.  I run in the middle of the day and it takes a lot of extra effort to avoid idiot drivers, it’s scary to think what it must be like that late at night.

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