Marshall Wants The Damn Ball (From Thigpen)

File this under “just another day at the office”, but former Broncos and current Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall is unhappy.  Though what might surprise you is that, according to The Palm Beach Post, he wants the offense to operate more the way it did with former Chiefs QB Tyler Thigpen who backed up Chad Henne this season.  Marhsall wants to be able to change his routes when he has single coverage, something that Henne is not willing to do.

“In the past, taking the shot always worked out pretty good, and that’s something I’ve been trying to get called all year,” Marshall said.  “I’m covered, (but) that doesn’t mean I’m covered. … Just throw it up, you know?”

But Marshall said Thigpen and he are on the same page when it comes to reading coverages and improvising routes at the line of scrimmage.   Marshall said Thigpen learned how to do this in Kansas City, when he had Dwayne Bowe, another big receiver, to throw to.

When Thigpen entered Sunday’s game in the third quarter, Marshall said he and Thigpen optioned to a “go” route three different times – the results being a 27-yard pass to Marshall, a 32-yard pass interference penalty against the Patriots, and a dropped pass by Marshall.

“I think Tyler gets it a little more,” Marshall said.  “I’ve been trying to communicate with the quarterbacks all year, and we finally get it in the last game.  It shows what we’re capable of doing.  So yeah, Tyler is a guy that kind of gets it.”

Just shocking that Marshall is causing trouble, new contract or not.  He is a malcontent and will always be that way no matter where or how he is playing.  That said, teams put up with him for a reason and it’s the same reason we were all happy to see Marshall take his talents to South Beach and far away from the AFC West.  Can you imagine trying to cover Marshall and a rejuvenated Brandon Lloyd at the same time?  No thank you.

As for the Dolphins, their players shouldn’t be screaming their complaints from the rooftops, but they are a mess.  Thigpen may never be the long-term answer at quarterback, I get that, it’s just hard to believe they stuck with Henne as long as they did considering how little he has shown.

Who knows, maybe when the Dolphins travel to Arrowhead next season we’ll see a re-worked version of the Thigbone offense with Thigpen going deep to Marshall.

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