Brian Waters: “I Didn’t Want To Be A Distraction”

One of the players that made the most noise in the offseason, Brian Waters, was silent all season long.  On his way out of the locker room for their last day of the 2009 season, Bob Gretz caught up with the veteran guard to reflect on the Chiefs 4-12 season.

“From where we started to yesterday, we definitely saw some growth,” said Waters.  “I wouldn’t say there was considerable growth, because we didn’t get enough wins.  But I think you saw some growth and I think it’s something people should be optimistic about.”

So why did Waters press the mute button for the’09 season?

“With all the stuff in the off-season, I just wanted to stand out of the way and just do my job and allow this whole situation to show itself,” Waters said.  “I didn’t want to get in the way.  I wanted people to see this program for themselves.  I didn’t want to be in the middle of it.  I didn’t want to be a distraction.  It was a good year for me to focus on my own job and working with some of these young guys to get better.”

Just like Tamba Hali, Waters wanted to focus on the field and they both succeeded.  During training camp and throughout preseason I was waiting for Waters to start trouble after that tumultuous offseason, but just the opposite he was a perfect citizen.

Just like Tony Gonzalez, I’m sure he would once again like to be traded and play for a team with a better chance to make the playoffs.  By my count he is under contract for two more years and due just under $3 million next season, not a crazy amount for a starting guard.  Unless a team steps up with a solid offer, I would expect to see Waters back in Kansas City in 2010.

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