Brodie Croyle Is Ready If Needed

Matt Cassel’s absence from practice on Wednesday due to an appendectomy has shifted the spotlight to backup QB Brodie Croyle.  Even though Croyle has not started a game since last season’s opener, he told Bob Gretz he is always ready to step in if needed.

“I got some reps; I’ve got to be ready to go at any time.  I’m going to prepare like I always do and if my number is called I have to be ready.  It’s no different than any other week.”

“You have to prepare for that moment, you never know when it is coming,” Croyle said.  “Getting reps, getting no reps, as the backup you have to be ready to go in both situations.”

No word on how long Cassel will be out, but odds are that he will miss Sunday’s game against the Chargers and this explains why the team decided to promote QB Tyler Palko from the practice squad.

Croyle last saw action for Kansas City almost exactly a year ago, on December 6, in a 44-13 blowout loss to the Denver Broncos.  In that game he was 6/14 for 50 yards without any touchdowns or interceptions.

However, we have seen more than once that Croyle’s body will not hold up to the beating that a starting quarterback takes.  We also saw him nearly lead the Chiefs to victory against a better team last season when he came up just short against the Baltimore Ravens.  He could step in for a week and Kansas City would still have a very real chance to pull out a victory.  If for some reason it was beyond that?

That would only be if Cassel has complications during his recover and…well, lets not talk about that.

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