Broncos Deny Interest In McNabb

The future of Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia is cloudy, at best, right now and one of the teams that has been rumored to be interested in the veteran quarterback is Denver.  Are the Broncos ready for another offseason full of QB drama?  It doesn’t look that way (yet).

Two Broncos sources emphatically said there is “no truth” to reports describing Denver as a possible landing spot for McNabb.

Unless the Broncos, Eagles coach Andy Reid and McNabb are fibbing, McNabb figures to be in Philadelphia one more season.  Reid already has said McNabb is his starting quarterback for 2010 and McNabb said last week in Miami he would be with the Eagles in the 2010 season.

McNabb has a year left on his contract, which was re-negotiated in June 2009, with a salary cap figure of $5 million for 2010, according to NFL salary documents.  It includes some additional bonus money as well.

McNabb has played his entire NFL career in the Eagles’ West Coast offense — something far closer to what Mike Shanahan, not Josh McDaniels, ran in Denver.

Many in the league expect the Eagles to keep McNabb unless some team blows them away with an offer that includes a first-round draft pick or the equivalent — a pricey endeavor for a quarterback who turns 34 on Nov. 25 and has only a year left on his contract.

Kevin Kolb, 25, the Eagles’ No. 2 quarterback, would be their starter beyond the 2010 season.

Michael Vick, the Eagles’ No. 3 quarterback, played sparingly in his return to the league in 2009.  Vick is likely to be traded during the off-season.

A lot of people like to dump on McNabb because he hasn’t won a Super Bowl, but I’ll tell you right now I don’t want anything to do with him playing in the AFC West.  McNabb has been to five NFC Championship games.  I’m pretty sure most Chiefs fans would gladly have taken that kind of success over the last decade.

I would much rather the Broncos go to battle with Kyle Orton for one more season while they continue to search for a young quarterback.

With Kolb looking like he’s ready to take over the offense, McNabb will probably be moved somewhere between now and training camp.  Here’s to hoping he stays in the NFC.

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