Broncos “Punish” D.J. Williams

Following his arrest for DUI, Broncos linebacker DJ Williams was punished by the teams…  sort of.  Denver released a statement on Saturday detailing their reaction to the situation.

“The Denver Broncos are extremely disappointed in D.J. Williams’ careless and irresponsible actions on Friday morning. This type of behavior is taken very seriously by the organization.

“The Broncos have levied the heaviest fines possible to him for conduct detrimental to the club under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement due to the disruption and resulting impact on the team. He will not start in Sunday’s game against the Chiefs and has been stripped of his captaincy for the season.

“Any further possible discipline stemming from this incident will be determined by the league’s policies and the legal system.”

The fine is for a whopping $15,000.  You know what would be a fair amount… How about the game check he should be missing due to a suspension?  Instead he gets this “maximum” fine and maybe sits out the first quarter.  Maybe.

If the team was truly disappointed in Williams — the same goes for the Jets with Braylon Edwards — they would have suspended him and not handed down some bogus punishment.

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