Chiefs Vs. Bucs: Game Balls

The Kansas City Chiefs were embarrassed once again, this time 38-10 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium Sunday afternoon. The disappointing Chiefs now head into their bye week at the bottom of the AFC West with a 1-5 record and no closer to finding any answers.

Many fans felt a change at quarterback could be the turning point for Kansas City, but the Chiefs offense actually performed worse with Brady Quinn under center compared to Matt Cassel.

Quinn’s ineptitude probably means Cassel will get his job back, something that seemed almost impossible after he was cheered while laying injured on the Arrowhead turf.

The Chiefs offense continued to turn the ball over at an alarming rate, with two more against the Bucs bringing their league-worst total now to 21. When they weren’t turning the ball over, the Kansas City offense was just plain inept, dropping passes and averaging just 2.7 yards per carry.

Unlike last week when the defense held things together while the offense was unable to find the end zone, Romeo Crennel’s unit was pushed around by what had been a struggling Tampa Bay team.

The Bucs averaged six yards on the ground and burnt the Chiefs secondary for two 62 yard completions.

It’s hard to imagine things getting worse for Crennel and his team, but they will have to fix problems across the board during the next 13 days. If the Chiefs hit Arrowhead next time out against the Oakland Raiders and continue to play this way, there will won’t even be enough fans left in the building to muster any hearty boos.

For the fifth time this season, we are forced to try and find the best of the worst from a Chiefs game.

Offense: Nate Eachus

It’s ‘Nasty Nate’! The undrafted free agent carried the ball five times for 18 yards, good for the best average (3.6) among the Chiefs running backs. He also caught his first career pass for 19 yards.

Not exactly the type of game that will (or should) be recognized elsewhere, but considering how bad the rest of the Kansas City offense performed Sunday, this is a stellar day at the office!

Defense: Justin Houston

Don’t believe what you’ve been told… The Chiefs are capable creating turnovers (and not just on offense). Houston has been the best player by a mile on the Kansas City defense this year and he showed another side when he picked off Bucs QB Josh Freeman and returned it 32 yards on Tampa’s first drive.

Unfortunately, the Chiefs offense responded to Houston’s attempt to get something started by turning the ball over once they got in the Red Zone.

Special Teams: Edgar Jones

Lost in another Chiefs no-show was one of the most bizarre plays you’ll ever see.

With the Bucs setting up to punt out of their own end zone, Shaun Draughn was able to bust through and get a hand on the ball. Tampa Bay punter Michael Koenen was able to pick the ball up and instead of taking the safety he tried to make a play.

And by “make a play” we mean toss the ball aimlessly into the air. Luckily Jones, a reserve linebacker, was there to snag the pass (?) and leap toward the goal line, getting the ball to break the plane.

“Officially” it was ruled as a forced fumble by Draughn and recovery by Jones. No matter what it goes into the books as, the Chiefs will be hard pressed to have anything as odd the rest of the season.

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