Carl Peterson: Too Early For Trades

The NFL trade deadline is later today and very rarely do you see a lot of activity.  The Kansas City Chiefs have already made one trade — sending Tank Tyler to Carolina — and are rumored to be listening to offers for any player not named Cassel or Jackson.

Former Chiefs GM Carl Peterson told the New York Times now is not the time to made deals, while giving some insight into the Tony Gonzalez saga.

“It’s too early for teams to start jettisoning players, because it’s still early in the year.”CarlPeterson2

Peterson, now the chairman of USA Football, ran the Chiefs from 1989 until 2008.  With Kansas City headed toward a rebuilding period and off to a 1-5 start last season, Peterson began to get phone calls about the Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez. The Green Bay Packers came closest to making a deal before the trade deadline, Peterson said, but their best offer — a third-round pick for a likely Hall of Famer — came with conditions about givebacks that he called “onerous.”  Other teams were merely bargain hunting; one offered a sixth-round pick, another a seventh-rounder.

“Am I going to do that for Tony Gonzalez?” Peterson said.  “I think they would have hung me in Kansas City.”

Peterson passed on the offers, and the Chiefs found a better one after the season.  Days before the draft, their new general manager, Scott Pioli, traded Gonzalez to the Atlanta Falcons for a second-round pick in 2010.

Yes, Carl, you would have been hung if you had traded Gonzalez for a late round pick, though I think you could have probably sold people on a third.  Obviously we know now that his ceiling was a second-round pick but it would have been hard to argue with picking up an extra third round pick for a player that was unhappy and talking about only playing a couple more seasons.

Usually there is little to no action leading up the NFL trade deadline and I’ve always been in favor of moving it back 4 or 5 weeks to a time when more teams know if they truly have a chance to contend for a playoff spot.  With that being said, Pioli and Todd Haley are in the process of finding players for their system and if they can get value for current Chiefs that don’t fit, I am all for it.

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