Casey Wiegmann Happy To Be Back

Chiefs center Casey Wiegmann is chasing an impressive milestone: 10,000 consecutive snaps.  But he told The Star’s Randy Covitz that it was more than his personal goal that brought him back to town: “I missed Kansas City”.

“I’m here for a reason,” said Wiegmann.  “They brought me in, they think I can still play.  I’m trying to prove it on the field.  I’ve played in the offense, I played in this offense last year; it’s the same deal but different terminology.  It’s getting comfortable with the guys you’re playing around, and that’s part of training camp.”

Chiefs coach Todd Haley, who grew up on the practice fields of Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl teams when his father was the club’s scouting director, likens Wiegmann to a throwback in the mold of Steelers linemen that included Hall of Famer Mike Webster, Ray Mansfield and Gerry Mullins.

“He is a football-playing dude,” Haley said of Wiegmann.  “He is the epitome … all the great linemen I’ve ever been around, even going back to the Pittsburgh days and paying attention and just watching and been up close and personal with, they all are the same … in the brain.  They are offensive linemen.

“They are, ‘I’m playing, no matter what. It would have to be broke in half and dangling to not be in there.  This is what I do.’  Offensive linemen want to be in the trenches.  That’s the way they’re made or developed.  Casey Wiegmann, if you looked up offensive lineman in the dictionary, there would probably be a picture of him.

“Ask him, ‘Why are you still doing it?’ It’s what he does.  It’s what he knows, it’s what he loves.”

In this age of free agency, it’s rare that seeing a player in another uniform means much but that wasn’t the case with Wiegmann.  It just never seemed right seeing him with that Denver jersey on.  Even though Niswanger has been solid the past couple of seasons, it’s hard to imagine having Wiegmann continue playing next to Brian Waters wouldn’t have been great for this team.

I would be surprised if Wiegmann isn’t the starter when the Chiefs open up the New Arrowhead on Monday Night Football with Niswanger providing much needed depth both at center and guard.

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