Cassel Looks Good… Or Bad

On Sunday, Matt Cassel will most likely be listed as “questionable” on the injury report.  But the true tale of his ability to MattCasselInjury3play is how he performs in practice.  But today there were two different takes on just how good Cassel looked.

Kent Babb took to twitter with his thoughts on how the Chiefs quarterback looked:

Matt Cassel still looks a little gimpy to me.  On hurry-up passing drills today, he seemed to run toward the huddle with a limp.

Roughly an hour later, Bob Gretz gave a much different assessment on

Cassel took part in position drills and showed a quicker and more aggressive pass drop and follow through on his injured left knee than in previous practices.  His status remains questionable for Sunday’s opener at Baltimore.

Could both of these reports be 100% accurate?  Absolutely.  Cassel could look good in the pocket, standing tall and throwing the ball but struggle when he has to run down the field.

I am ready for the Matt Cassel era to officially start and for the Chiefs to finally win a game.  But at the same time I want to make sure he survives the season.  If that knee is anything short of 100%, I hope Cassel and the coaching staff decide the best course of action is to let Brodie Croyle or Tyler Thigpen run the team this week.

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