Cassel More Comfortable In Second Year

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Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel met with the media for the first time since training camp opened this past weekend.  He talked about the biggest difference between this year and last.

“I think the main thing is a lot more people are comfortable because we know what to expect,” Haley said after practice today.  “Coach Haley coming in last year, a lot of us didn’t know what to expect and this year we come in and we know his expectation level, we know how he is going to push us, we know that he is going to challenge us both mentally and physically on the field.   So I think this year is just a lot more comfortable for a lot of players coming in, knowing what to expect.”

“I’m more at ease with my surroundings.  My own teammates I think they are comfortable with me.  It’s a nice feeling to have that.”

Cassel made sure to point out that just because he is more comfortable this season doesn’t mean anything was lacking last year due to a lack of a QB coach following the dismissal of Chan Gailey.

“I think I went into every game last year prepared.  Coach Haley and I spent adequate time together and we were always ready to go.”

Typical Cassel.  Last year he never blamed the last second change by Todd Haley to let Gailey go as the reason why the offense struggled.  Most players would do the same during the season, but a year removed?  No one would have taken Cassel to task if he put his tough first year as a Chief at the feet of Gailey or any of the other situations he had no control over.  But that’s just not Cassel’s style

Earlier we were talking about Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson needing to step up and have a huge season if the Chiefs want to make a push for the playoffs.  Obviously Cassel is in that same boat for the offense.  He will have a running game all season, something the team provide for him until Jamaal Charles emerged down the stretch last year.

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