Cassel Preparing To Play; Still Day-To-Day

The Kansas City Chiefs don’t have to give any update on Matt Cassel until after Wednesday’s practice, but the QB that missed last weekend’s 31-0 loss to the San Diego Chargers told reporters that he is preparing as if he will play.

“I’ll do what I normally do.  It will be a normal week of preparation.  It will be a better week for me.”

“They just said day-to-day.  It’s all about reviewing it each and every day, seeing my progress and how I feel, everything like that.  I don’t think it’s anything set in stone.”

The Chiefs left Cassel behind when they went to San Diego.  They didn’t want to subject him to the rigors of travel since he wasn’t going to play.

“That was more of a medical staff/coaching staff/training staff decision,” Cassel said . “I would have loved to go and been on the plane, but they made the decision very clear that they wanted me to stay and rest and be off my feet as much as possible.”

I was critical of the Chiefs for not taking Cassel on the trip to San Diego, but as is usually the case, the medical professionals got it right.  As helpful as it would have been to have Cassel walking Brodie through the offense, no need to put his body through the flight and other rigors of traveling out west.

After seeing how the team reacted to not having their quarterback, it’s hard to imagine Cassel doesn’t talk his way onto the field. With that being said, Wednesday could end up being the most watched Chiefs practice of the season.  If Cassel is still in sweats doing no more than light tossing then it will more likely than not be week 2 of the Brodie Show.

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