KC Chiefs Blog 2011 Midseason Awards

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley lives each season in quarters.  With the second quarter now in the Chiefs rear view mirror with a 4-4 record, they are pacing one game behind last season’s AFC West champion squad who finished the first half at 5-3. As the Chiefs prepare to kick off the third […]

Kansas City Chiefs 2011 First Quarter Awards

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley likes to preach that the NFL season needs to be looked at in quarters.  The theory being pretty simple: win each quarter and you will more than likely find your way to a playoff spot. With the quarters system in mind, let’s look at who the Chiefs best […]

Haley: Award Belongs To Our Coaches, Players

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was honored Saturday night at the 101 Awards as AFC Head Coach of the Year following the greatest single-season turnaround the team has ever seen.  Haley was presented the award by his father, Dick, and credited his coaches and players for his success in Kansas City. “When you […]

101 Awards Ceremony Will Still Bring Players And Coaches Together

Once the NFL owners lockout the players as expected, you won’t get to see players spend time with their coaches.  However, according to Adam Teicher, no labor issues will prevent the 101 Awards Banquet from taking place Saturday because it is seen as a third-party function. Organizers have been told that coaches Todd Haley of […]

Clay Matthews Wins Derrick Thomas Award

PFT missed the boat when they left Tamba Hali off their ballot for the Derrick Thomas Award, honoring the best linebacker in the league.  Even after the clear oversight with Hali, it’s hard to argue with the eventual winner of the award. This year, the no-brainer recipient is Packers linebacker Clay Matthews.  Nearly voted the […]

KC Chiefs Blog 2010 Season Awards

The national media has handed out all their awards, now it’s time for ours! It got tiring to see virtually every writer breeze over any member of the Kansas City Chiefs not named Charles, so here is a top-to-bottom rundown of the best (and worst) performances from the 2010 season. Did I get something wrong?  […]

Chiefs 2010 Midseason Awards

The Kansas City Chiefs now have the first half of the 2010 season in their rear view mirror and at 5-3 they already have one more win than all of last season.  If they can post an identical record in the second half, it’s safe to say that they will be on their way to […]

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