Bill Parcells Out, Carl Peterson In?

Bill Parcells, father-in-law to Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, reportedly has cleared out his office with the Dolphins just a month after announcing he would be taking a much smaller role within the organization, paving the way for his official exit from Miami.  Could a familiar name end up taking his place?  The Palm Beach Post […]

University Of Parcells-Kansas City

National and local media alike have commonly used the terms Kansas City Patriots and New England Chiefs over the past couple of weeks.  But as Bob Gretz notes, the better connection to make is to Bill Parcells. With the formal addition and introduction of Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator on Thursday, the Chiefs believe they […]

Parcells Picks Up Pioli’s Trash

Shortly after he took over as general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, Scott Pioli sent a handful of Carl Peterson holdovers packing.  They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Today that other man is Pioli’s father-in-law Bill Parcells and the possible treasure is Brian Johnston. He was drafted by the Chiefs […]

Read: Haley Waiting On Call From Parcells

Todd Haley’s history as a member of the Bill Parcells coaching tree has been well documented.  But Kent Babb talked to the Kansas City Chiefs coach about just how difficult Parcells was on the coaches working on his staff. Parcells has never been the type to overlook mistakes, whether a star player steps out of […]

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