Jason Babin Eyes (Temporary) Career Change

One player has already jumped to the Arena League due to the lockout, but he was a fringe player at best.  Former Kansas City Chiefs — and current free agent — defensive end Jason Babin told The Tennessean he would also consider playing in another league, but that a different sport altogether could be on […]

Draft Boycott “100 Percent Happening”

In a move that is only going to make them look like the bad guys, the (decertified) Players Association has hatched a plan that will prevent college prospects from attending the NFL Draft in New York City. The NFLPA already has contacted 17 top prospects who ordinarily would have received an invitation to attend the […]

Brian Waters Most To Blame For Lockout?

There has been no shortage of blame being thrown around for the current labor situation in the NFL.  Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt was right in the middle of the negotiations that didn’t end up bearing fruit, but so were players Mike Vrabel and Brian Waters.  The way NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith tells […]

Clark Hunt: Lockout “Just Part Of The Process”

The NFL lockout is still in its first few days, but there are plenty of doomsday scenarios thrown around among the media and fans alike.  Chiefs owner Clark Hunt — a member of the NFL’s negotiations committee — told The Star that there is time before worrying about fearing the worst. “If we still don’t […]

Chiefs Release Statement On Lockout

Following the inability of the players and owners ability to come to an agreement on a new CBA, the Kansas City Chiefs have released a statement on the situation. The Kansas City Chiefs still believe the fastest way to a fair agreement is through the mediation process.  While we are disappointed that the union walked […]

Dustin Colquitt Puts Labor Battle In Perspective

As the the week progresses without a deal between the owners and players, the optimism that had surrounded the extended CBA talks is dwindling.  With both sides so passionate about their position, it’s sometimes hard to put the labor battle in perspective.  Kansas City Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt did just that this week. “Obviously, we’re […]

Waters Could Help Create A Fund For Players

If there is a work stoppage in the NFL, most superstar players won’t have financial problems no matter how long the standoff lasts.  That may not be the case with fringe players yet to establish themselves.  Kansas City Chiefs guard Brian Waters suggested to SI that a fund could be created in which higher-paid players […]

Jamaal Charles Sounds Like A Leader

If the players and owners are not able to agree on a new CBA by the end of this week, the NFL could face a lengthy work stoppage as they continue to hammer out a deal.  At the 101 Awards on Saturday night, Jamaal Charles said he was worried about the Kansas City Chiefs losing […]

“Smart Money” On New Multi-Year CBA

After nothing but negative feelings surrounding the CBA negotiations, after agreeing to a 24-hour extension yesterday, there is finally some optimism coming from the league and players says Michael Silver. Sources on both sides of the conflict agreed on one basic premise: If enough progress is made that another short-term CBA extension – perhaps a […]

Pay Cuts — Not Layoffs — Coming To Chiefs

Unlike the New York Jets, who will start mandatory furloughs in the event of a lockout, the Kansas City Chiefs will reduce the pay of all employees when the league’s business is suspended, according to The Star. The salary-reduction plan would be phased in over eight months, according to a Chiefs source with knowledge of […]

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