Chiefs To Open Training Camp July 27

After what feels like an eternity, we finally know when the Kansas City Chiefs will open training camp at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph. A spokesman for the school says Romeo Crennel’s team will will arrive on Thursday, July 26. After getting everyone started the 27th, the Chiefs will stay in St. Joseph […]

Missouri Western Ready For Chiefs Training Camp

If the NFL lockout finally ends this week, there won’t be many people more excited than those in St. Joseph, MO where the Kansas City Chiefs hold their training camp.  The folks at Missouri Western State University are certainly preparing as if things are going as planned. “As of now, they’re fully intending to be […]

MWSU Will Have Recruiting Advantage

From the very beginning of the process moving the Chiefs from River Falls, WI to St. Joseph, MO the project was sold as a win-win for the team and fans.  But there will also be a long lasting effect for Missouri Western starting with recruiting.  Western head coach Jerry Partridge told the Maryville Daily Forum […]

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