Week 12 NFL Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs weren’t able to take care of business last week when they took on the Denver Broncos. Not only did they lose their first game of the season, but they weren’t even able to cover with the help of 7.5 points. Despite missing out on that game, I turned in a winning […]

Week 11 NFL Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs made history this week when they became the first team 9-0 or better to be an underdog. The Denver Broncos weren’t just favorites over the Chiefs, but by 8.5 points. Only three teams this week are bigger underdogs than than the Chiefs. Once you get past those four games things get […]

Week 10 NFL Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs are the only undefeated team left in the NFL, but this week is the only one that we know for sure they won’t pick up a loss. Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy for the rest of us. After a hot start over the first seven weeks, the last two were […]

Week 9 NFL Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs are the NFL’s final unbeaten team, but it seems like the last week all I’ve heard about from (non-Chiefs fans) is how they haven’t been able to cover the last two weeks! Yes, each of those games I picked the Chiefs and thought they were among the best best of the […]

Week 8 NFL Picks

Another week of NFL picks against the spread and another week of winning picks, even if it was by the slimmest of margins. For just the second time all season, I nailed the Thursday night game and then was .500 the rest of the weekend, helping to put up a winning record for the third […]

Week 7 NFL Picks

Even though we aren’t looking at any historic lines this week (hello, Jaguars +27!) there are three nine points or higher. On the other side, there are seven games currently sitting at four points or less. With another week of winning picks in the rearview, my picks are now 12 games over .500 for the […]

Week 6 NFL Picks

It’s not often that we get to see the Jacksonville Jaguars as the focus of…  well, anything. But that’s the case this week as the winless Jags are getting a whopping 27 points from the Denver Broncos on Sunday. The historic point spread with the Broncos and Jaguars isn’t the only game that will be […]

Tony Gonzalez Trade Deadline Is 3 Weeks Away

If the Kansas City Chiefs are going to make a move on the trade market, they will have to do it by 3 p.m. on Tuesday, October 29. Considering what most Chiefs fans have been talking about lately, it should be considered the Tony Gonzalez Deadline. Once Gonzalez decided not to retire after last season […]

Week 5 NFL Picks

Much like the Kansas City Chiefs, my picks against the spread this season have looked nothing like they did last year. After being consistently good last year, the picks were average through three weeks. Finally last week things turned around with a solid 10-4-1 record. To top that, it’ll take some careful navigating with nine […]

Week 4 NFL Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated after three weeks, but unfortunately I can’t say the picks around here have had the same type of success. For the third straight week I wasn’t able to nail the Thursday night game and for the first time it led to a losing batch of games, 7-8-1. That is […]

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