Plenty Of Cap Room Waiting, Will Chiefs Use It?

When the NFL lockout finally comes to an end, we will see an unprecedented flurry of activity across the league from undrafted free agents to restricted and unrestricted free agency. Like every other team, the Kansas City Chiefs will first fill their roster with undrafted free agents to see if any can find another Jovan […]

Salary Cap Madness

The Kansas City Chiefs surely have grand plans for this coming offseason.  Those exact plans could be affected if the NFL and NFLPA are unable to prevent a year without a salary cap. The sides would have to reach a new labor agreement before free agency begins during the offseason for the current rules to […]

Around The Web: Training Camp Details, June 1st Boredom, Vrabel Not Upset

Back in April we reported the Chiefs new training camp site in St. Joseph Missouri was in doubt.  The main issue was the tax credits being held back until Kansas City agreed to stay at the new site for 10 years instead of the 5 year with 5 one year options they preferred.  While that […]

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