Former Chiefs ST Coach Goes To The Dark Side

It certainly didn’t take long for former Kansas City Chiefs special teams coach Steve Hoffman to find a new gig. Just days after the Chiefs announced he wouldn’t be back, Hoffman found work within the AFC West. Hoffman is headed to the Oakland Raiders, according to Alex Marvez, where he will get to work with […]

Romeo Crennel Shuffles Chiefs Coaching Staff

It was just a matter of time before new head coach Romeo Crennel started to replace some of Todd Haley’s “guys” with his own. That happened on Monday when the Kansas City Chiefs hired Tom McMahon as special teams coach. McMahon takes the place of Steve Hoffman, who came to Kansas City with Haley three […]

Todd Haley Sends Mixed Messages About Barry Richardson’s Sideline Altercation

It’s amazing how a few hours have changed the reaction of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley to tackle Barry Richardson shoving special teams coach Steve Hoffman on the sidelines during the Chiefs 10-6 victory over the Broncos. Richardson was pulled from the game after committing a penalty that brought back a Jamaal Charles […]

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