Cerrato: We Almost Traded For Jamaal Charles

The story here is that the Kansas City Chiefs nearly traded Jamaal Charles to the Washington Redskins before he was Jamaal Chalres, but it really should be that former Skins general manager Vinny Cerrato nearly made a good move!

The Star’s Adam Teicher was a guest on Cerrato’s radio show when he was told that back in 2009 the Chiefs were offered a fourth-round pick for Charles.  Kansas City GM Scott Pioli went back and asked for a third-round pick instead and Cerrato balked.

Before anyone gets too worked up about nearly trading away Charles, remember that back then he was a backup running back that carried the ball 67 times as a rookie without a touchdown.

Charles also would start out deep in head coach Todd Haley’s dog house in 2009, only getting four carries for eight yards in the season opener before being inactive the following week.

Looking back now it seems ridiculous that someone as good as Charles could be had for a third round pick, but considering what Pioli and Haley were able to get (or not get in many cases) for the players they inherited from Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards, it wouldn’t have been terrible value at the time.

Thankfully we can look back at this as a trade that almost happened and not a “what could have been” situation with Charles ripping off big plays in Washington.

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