Chambers: Offensively, We’re About There

The Chiefs started their offseason program today and WR Chris Chambers met with the media to talk about his first full season in Kansas City.  Most notably, he said the Chiefs offense has the parts to take that next step.

”Offensively, we’re about there, for the most part,” Chambers said.  ”We’ve kind of caught up to the pack a little bit and now we’ll see where we’ll go from there.

“At some point we’re going to need another guy, a third receiver in there that’s going to make some plays.  They’re probably going to have to make some tough plays inside in the slot because I imagine that Dwayne and I will be on the outside.”

The one thing Chambers is sure of is the potential that Bowe possesses.

“He’s got an excellent physique.  He’s got good hands.  Hopefully he can build and just get better.  Once he knows what he’s doing on the field, kind of threw a lot at him last year – all of us, to tell you the truth, changing the offense pretty much each week, but now that we can all get in here and kind of learn what’s going on, it’s going to be much better for us.

“This is his third or fourth year and it’s a good time for him to break through,” Chambers continued.  “He’s had flashes of success in this league and he’s excited as can be to come back and be part of this offense.”

While I am sure there will be a few wide receivers signed between now and the draft, the more I think about it the less I see the Chiefs selecting one in April’s draft.  With Bowe and Chambers holding down the top two spots and a slew of others fighting for the final two or three spots, it can’t be at the top of the Chiefs needs right now.

Considering how little he knew about the offense, it’s amazing that he was so productive.  With an entire offseason learning the offense, plus an improved running game and (hopefully) more mature Matt Cassel under center, Chambers could easily approach his 05-06 numbers: 82 catches, 1,118 yards with 11 touchdowns.

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