Thigpen Reunites With Gailey In Buffalo

Former Kansas City Chiefs QB Tyler Thigpen is heading to the Buffalo Bills to reunite with his former offensive coordinator, Chan Gailey.  Turns out there was quite the market for Thigpen, but he was happy to work with Gailey again.

“He’s extremely looking forward to it,” said Joel Turner, Thigpen’s South Carolina-based agent.  “He knows the system, he knows the coach.  He loves Chan.  His heartstrings really pulled him to Buffalo.”

Turner said Thigpen had six teams call on Tuesday, and he said there were two others that “were very legitimate suitors.”

If you look ahead to the schedule, the Buffalo Bills open the 2011 season against the Chiefs in Kansas City.  Unfortunately for those looking to get a look at the “Thigbone” offense, there’s no reason to think that Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be the Bills starter all season.

It’s really a shame that Thigpen has never been given a chance to play with good talent around him.  I’ve never claimed he would be a Pro Bowler, but he has enough ability to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.  Just typing those words always get met with a smirk (at least) though if you go back and watch what he did with so little around him, you’ll see a guy that has potential.

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