Chargers Traded The Next Trent Green

Last month the San Diego Chargers traded their backup quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst, to the Seattle Seahawks for a 2011 third-round pick and the right to switch second-round picks this year.  The Seahawks immediately signed Whitehurst to a two-year, $10 million contract.  Chargers head coach Norv Turner thinks this situation is similar to one that all Chiefs fans are familiar with.

Norv Turner, Charlie Whitehurst’s coach in San Diego, compared him to a young Trent Green, who became a two-time Pro Bowl pick for the Kansas City Chiefs after starting his career with the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams.

“Pete [Carroll] did a good thing,” Turner said.  “They evaluated a guy that’s ready to compete for a job and ready to go play at a high level.”

Whitehurst, 6-4, 220 pounds, has yet to throw a regular-season pass.

“We had two good guys, so I think it’s worth taking a shot on him,” Turner said of Whitehurst.

Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt also had strong interest in bringing in Whitehurst to compete with Matt Leinart before losing out to Seattle and instead signing Cleveland Browns castoff Derek Anderson.

“Arizona wanted Charlie every bit as much as Seattle did,” Turner said.  “It’s a good thing for us.  And I think for Charlie.”

Whitehurst has some of the traits Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak saw in Schaub when he pried away Michael Vick’s understudy with the Atlanta Falcons in 2007.

“While it is risky, what you’re talking about is getting a guy with a little seasoning who has been a pro the way we did with Matt Schaub,” said Kubiak, who swapped 2007 first-round picks and surrendered two second-rounders to Atlanta in the Schaub deal.

“Anytime you can get a guy who is past that rookie situation and understands how to prepare in the NFL and how to work to get ready to play, that’s important.”

Trent Green?  Hardly.

During his time in Washington, Green played in 16 games and when he moved onto St. Louis the plan was for him to be the star of the Rams until he blew his knee out and introduced the world to Kurt Warner.

It’s crazy to think that Brodie Croyle was chosen just four spots after Whitehurst after the 2006 NFL Draft.  With there being a mini-bidding war for Whitehurst, you would think that if Croyle was seen to have any real potential as a starting quarterback the Chiefs could have squeezed a third-round pick out of Arizona.

For the record, Croyle completed more passes against the Chargers this season (1) than Whitehurst has his entire career (0).

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