Charles Wants Another Taste Of The Playoffs

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles received the NFL FedEx Ground Player of the Year award yesterday in Texas.  After the ceremony, Charles said he hopes the offense stays the same in Kansas City so the team can hopefully get another chance at the second season.

“I hope we stick to the philosophies of running the ball … it works,” said Charles, nattily dressed in a gray suit and striped tie.

“It was wonderful, having a taste of the post-season,” Charles said, “and you may only get one shot at what Green Bay and the Steelers are doing, and hopefully we can get to that spot.

“You work so hard to get a playoff spot, and we were (three) games away from it, and it hurt. I know I cried … but it was my first time in the playoffs, and loved it, and hopefully we can make it to the Super Bowl.  That’s what we play this for.”

There are thousands of reasons why all of us want a new CBA to be agreed to, but near the top of my list is seeing how Charles reacts to all of this success.

We’ve all seen it before, a player feels the spotlight for the first time, gets a nice pay day and then takes a step backwards the next season.  We have a long way to go before we even know if there is going to be a season come the fall, but Charles is still in the perfect frame of mind.  Making the playoffs was a huge step forward for the team, but there is still a lot of work to be done just to get back to the same place.

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