Charlie Weis “Expected” To Take Florida OC Job

It’s not often that an offensive coordinator of an NFL playoff team leaves to take the same job at a college program, but it appears that’s what Charlie Weis will be doing.  Multiple outlets are reporting a split is imminent with Chris Mortensen saying Weis is expected to take the job, though no deal has been agreed to yet.

(UF head coach Will) Muschamp contacted the Chiefs this week for permission to talk to Weis, with the full intention of hiring the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator and former Notre Dame coach, sources said.  A Florida source said Weis would continue to coach the Chiefs into the AFC playoffs.  Another source reiterated that Weis is expected to accept the job.

In his first year on the job, Muschamp has been focused on hiring an NFL offensive coordinator to install a pro-style offense and to assist with attracting pro-style quarterbacks and receivers to the Gators program, sources said.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley said Friday he was “unaware of anything” regarding Weis and Florida.

“It would be news to me,” Haley said.

To say this is unexpected would be putting it mildly.  Not that these two couldn’t or didn’t get along, we’ve talked about that since the day Weis was hired.  But for Weis to leave an NFL coordinator job for a college coordinator job?  That’s not even a lateral move, it’s clearly a step back.

With all that said, what a great hire for Muschamp and Florida.  This should help make up the mind of any kids that have been on the fence about their commitment to Florida since Urban Meyer decided to retire (again).  As hard as it is to imagine, I would expect to see the Gators recruiting classes improving.

Again, very surprised to see Weis leave for a college gig that isn’t as head coach, but he obviously didn’t get along with Haley and Florida has plenty of cash to spend which will help make the transition a lot easier for the Chiefs offensive coordinator.

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