Charlie Weis Talks About The Move To Florida

As former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis gets settled in at his new job with the University of Florida, he is shedding more light on his departure from Todd Haley’s staff.  The man now running the offense for the Gators talked more about his family being the deciding factor in making the move.

“Everyone wants to look for some different agenda,” Weis said.  “But why does there have to be a different agenda than having things fall just right for your family later in your career?”  When football coaches change jobs, we usually examine their decision through a football prism.  We forget that they usually ask the same question we do when we consider changing jobs: Will this make my spouse and children happy?

Still, it’s hard to accept that a guy who won Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots and was the head coach at Notre Dame can be happy taking orders from someone else at the college level.  This has to be a ploy just to get back into a head-coaching gig, right?  Weis will never say never.  Nor should he.  But he will say this:

“I could see myself ending up here,” Weis said.  “I could see myself retiring in Ocala. … I’m buying.  Not renting.”

While I am able to relate to the situation with Charlie and his family — his daughter has special needs — it should be noted that the family had decided long before the opportunity at Florida that they would be moving on from Kansas City.  That, I think, is where my issue with Weis remains even this far removed from the negative feelings about how the news broke about the move at the worst possible time.

Every man and woman should put their family first, but it’s not right to say getting everyone together in Florida was why he was leaving when one way or another he was only spending one year with the Chiefs.

Now that both sides have properly moved on, here is hoping that Weis’ family is more comfortable with their new surroundings and Chiefs offensive coordinator Bill Muir can keep the offense producing the way it was at its peak last season.

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