Haley Says Weis’ Move To KU Is “Tremendous”

“When news broke that Charlie Weis was leaving his job as the offensive coordinator at Florida to become the head coach at Kansas, it was very reminiscent of his exit from the Kansas City Chiefs.  It was just a year ago, as the Chiefs were preparing for a playoff game, that Weis took the job at Florida and it was assumed he was leaving due to friction with Chiefs head coach Todd Haley.

The hard feelings between the two passionate coaches is still talked about a year later, but when Haley was asked about Weis’ new job on Friday, he was quick to praise his former coordinator.

“I think it’s great for KU, I really do,” Haley told reporters.  “Charlie is a really great coach … And I think all the KU fans will be fired up.”

No one expected the Chiefs head coach to rip Weis or a school that is right down the street, but what about all that animosity between the two?

“I think it’s kind of ludicrous that that’s out there,” the head coach said as he retraced his history with Weis from their days together in New York to last year’s success.

“As far as this decision, I’m obviously not a part of Charlie’s decision making process but every situation is different and he gets an opportunity to be the head coach at the University of Kansas, I think that’s tremendous.”

Tremendous or not, it just all seems bizarre.  Weis leaves after just one year with the Chiefs while stories of major disagreements swirl around the team and everyone goes into “deny, deny, deny” mode.  Then after Weis arrived in Gainsville, he was quick to talk about being there for the long haul, only to bolt less than a year later.

I’m not sure what to believe, but f Haley is able to survive this season and returns for another year in Kansas City, I know it will be a ton of fun watching to see which one gives the best non-answer answers at their press conferences throughout the football season.

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