Scott Pioli Backs Phil Emery For Bears GM Job

Kansas City Chiefs college scouting director Phil Emery is a finalist for the Chicago Bears GM job along with Jason Licht of the New England Patriots. By most accounts, Emery is the favorite and his current boss, Scott Pioli, talked to The Chicago Sun-Times about what he would bring to the Bears.

“The things that stand out are his work ethic, his work habits, how detailed he is, how meticulous he is. He’s a very good teacher, and he’s a very good listener.

“I think those things are valuable in that position. I also feel that he’s a good evaluator of talent.”

It’s great to hear Pioli step up and talk about Emery being ready for the job. It’s interesting to hear the GM talk about something that has been mentioned plenty around Kansas City lately: accountability.

“When something goes well, it’s about everyone else. When it goes wrong, he points the finger at himself.”

Finding people that want to be successful but without the desire to shine the spotlight on themselves after the fact is something every team should strive to have in their front office. It sounds like Emery could be bringing that approach to the Bears as soon as next week.

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