Plenty Of Cap Room Waiting, Will Chiefs Use It?

When the NFL lockout finally comes to an end, we will see an unprecedented flurry of activity across the league from undrafted free agents to restricted and unrestricted free agency.

Like every other team, the Kansas City Chiefs will first fill their roster with undrafted free agents to see if any can find another Jovan Belcher, Cory Greenwood or Verran Tucker.  Any player that contributes after slipping through the cracks is a bonus and better yet they are a minimum salaried bonus.

It’s great to score with a diamond in the rough or two, but what about the big ticket free agents?  The Chiefs are reportedly going to find themselves with more than $34 million in salary cap space once all the league financials shake out.  That would be over $10 million more than the San Diego Chargers.

Sure, the Chiefs would still need to take care of the players from last year’s squad without contracts as well as sign all of their draft pick.  That will eat up a chunk of their cap space, but every other team will need to cover the same ground, likely still leaving Kansas City with a massive advantage in free agency.

As any fan that has followed the Chiefs will be the first to tell you, just because there is cap room doesn’t mean owner Clark Hunt will be willing to spend it.  But with the team on the verge of taking that next step to the league’s top tier, a big name or two could speed up that process.  At the very least it would prevent this young Chiefs team from taking a step backwards.

They don’t need to shop in the “outrageous contracts” aisle for the likes of WR Santonio Holmes or CB Nnamdi Asomugha, but making a legitimate run at NT Aubrayo Franklin, OT Matt Light or WR Steve Breaston would go a long way towards showing Chiefs fans that the franchise isn’t going to continue sitting on their salary cap space.

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