Branden Albert: Eric Fisher Will Be A Special Player

After staying away from the Kansas City Chiefs offseason program in April, Branden Albert was back with his teammates on Tuesday. And he was back in a familiar spot: left tackle.

Just where Albert would play if he returned to the team was a source of friction with the team and nearly led to a trade before the draft. But with the talk of trade in the past (for now), all parties seem content to move forward.

“Through this whole process, I realize I made mistakes,” Albert told reporters Tuesday. “I’ll grow from it and move on. I should not have said certain things. You know what I said. I’m just happy I’m here.’’

The man that nearly took his job in the starting lineup on the left side seemed to make quite the impression on Albert.

“He’s going to be a special player,” Albert said of No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher. “He works hard, he has all the tools and whatever he’s going to play, he’s going to be good at it.”

“I want him to know I’m going to help him the best way I can.”

The two tackles working together is a plan that Fisher is absolutely on board with.

“It will be like a (left and right) tackle competition, trying to push each other to be the best,” Fisher said. “I think that’s what’s really going to help this line is competing every day and trying to develop a really good offense.”

And just like that, hopefully we can put the animosity on the back burner, at least until this time next year. Let’s see Albert and Fisher work together to keep Alex Smith upright much more than the Chiefs quarterbacks have been the last few years.

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