Alex Smith Trade Details Finally Complete

We are nearly nine months removed from the Kansas City Chiefs acquiring QB Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers and eight weeks into the NFL season, but only now are the details of the trade final.

Shortly after the trade went down, it was reported the Chiefs would send their 2013 second-round pick to the Niners along with a conditional 2014 selection.

If Andy Reid finished his first season in Kansas City under .500, the Chiefs would send a third-round pick to San Francisco. But if the Chiefs were able to hit eight wins, that pick would become a second rounder.

Once the Chiefs beat the Cleveland Browns this past weekend, it locked a second-round pick going from Kansas City to San Francisco.

When the trade first went down, I was happy to acknowledge the Chiefs gave up a lot to get a guy that was going to eventually be released. But at the same time, it would be well worth it if Kansas City was transformed into a playoff contender, which I think we can all agree has happened over the first eight weeks of the season.

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